In order to provide our customers with the highest quality of the services, special attention is paid in Omnitec to selection of partners with whom we work. We are looking for innovation, high end technology, flexibility, security of the solutions and quality of cooperation with our Partners.

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Long-term cooperation, realization of new projects, trust ... that is what our customers gives us every day. We, instead, demonstrate a full commitment to the quality of our work and best services. That is why our customers can sleep peacefully.

Omnitec Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw, has been working with us since December 2010 within design, network equipment supply and computer network management of the Mazowieckie Warsaw Airport - Modlin Sp. z o. o. At the moment, our network supports more than 100 different types of network devices.

We assess cooperation with Omnitec Sp. z o. o. very positively, all tasks are completed on time and in accordance with our requirements.

Piotr Łapiński Management Representative in the Operational Office for Telecommunications is a leading Polish company providing services on the Internet. Taking care of the highest quality of services we choose partners with extreme accuracy.

Omnitec provides us with services for the design and supply of equipment and network systems, as well as ongoing support.

Since the start of cooperation, in 2008, Omnitec has been showing recognized competence and commitment, and the services provided are of the highest quality available on the market.

Stefan Jurczyk, the owner of

We hereby confirm that Omnitec Sp. z o. o. executed an audit of information and network systems in Polnord SA.

We are pleased to inform that all tasks and work are made on time and with due attention. Employees of Omnitec showed a very good understanding of issues related to the operation of our company and their professional approach to their implementation.

In our fully knowledge, we would like to recommend Omnitec to their potential customers as a trusted partner in cooperation.

Anna Buczyńska Borowy, Administrative Director

Frontex cooperates with Omnitec Sp. z o. o. since January 2014. Omnitec Sp. z o.o. secures the service of broadband Internet access by providing symmetric 100 Mbps connection with active BGP protocol.

Organizational efficiency and experience of the employees combined with the highest rates of SLA cause that services provided by Omnitec Sp. o.o. can be called as a Premium. Frontex fully recommend Omnitec Sp. z o.o as a provider of advanced and reliable ICT solutions.

François Laruelle – Head of Infromation and Communication Technology Unit

It is an extremely valuable thing to find reliable partners in business, companies with whom we want to work, and cooperation based on professionalism, commitment and trust.

BNP Paribas SA has been cooperating with Omnitec Sp. z o. o. since July 2014 on their access to the Internet and providing data services with a capacity of 10 Gbps.

Given the existing cooperation, we can in good conscience recommend the services to all potential customers of Omnitec.

Rafał Krawczyński, Head of IT

Our company has been using the services of Omnitec since June 2004. On the basis of the long-term cooperation, we can in good conscience recommend the services of this company.

All works are carried out efficiently and with regard to our needs. Our requests are treated with all seriousness and we always manage to work together to develop a model that satisfies the needs of our company.
Omnitec exhibits high flexibility, high quality of service delivery and a very proactive approach in action.

Wojciech Pierga Information Technology Manager

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OMNITEC acronym is derived from the Latin word "omni" meaning "all the" with the abbreviation "tec" which is part of the English word "technology".

Put together to form not only the name of our company, but most of all, to show the strategy adopted by us and the company's philosophy. Since its establishment, Omnitec has been implementing the concept of a friendly, competent and trustworthy Integrator of Information and Communication Systems.



"... If there is something you cannot do more effectively, cheaper and better than competitors, there is no point in doing it, and we should hire someone who can do the task better than us ... "

This principle, reflecting the idea of outsourcing, is our inspiring motto for continuous improvement. Omnitec priority is to provide, by our specialists, solutions and services that are more than a portion of the latest technology. They are to support our customers, enabling safe and stable growth of their organizations.



To meet our customers’ expectations and the market demands, we have created and constantly develop a team of top professionals. Our engineers have extensive experience in the creation, management and delivery of services for clients in the SMB and Enterprise sectors.

In Omnitec, we focus on education and development of our team - as evidenced by the expertise of our colleagues and the certificates confirming it. Our team members are passionate about technology - constantly seeking the best and most effective solutions.



Omnitec Sp. z o.o.
Al. Jerozolimskie 98
00-807 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 335 4444
fax. +48 22 335 4445
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

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Company registration data

Omnitec Sp. z o. o. 

Al. Jerozolimskie 98

00-807 Warszawa

District Court for the City of Warsaw XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register,

KRS: 0000210131, NIP (tax identification number): 521-32-94-904, Regon (the statistical identification number): 015760481,

Share capital: 150,000.00 PLN

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